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THE ORDER OF NATURE - Screening Series

Screening Series
April 23 - May 7 - May 14

Presented by LADP & François Ghebaly Gallery
Curated by Andrea Franco

At a moment when we have become aware of humanity’s negative impact on the earth, we also seem to be moving towards an understanding of nature as indivisible from us. Nature responds to us, to our connection with it, to how we interfere with it, and to the myths that surround it.  

The three part screening series reflects on our relationship with nature, the current state of the Anthropocene, and the psychic space shared between film and nature. The works offer distinctive ways to see and think about the world, and an opportunity to detach from the currently reality in order to connect to it in a renewed way.

With works by Ana Vaz, Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, Carolina Caycedo, Felipe Esparza, Fern Silva, Heather Trawick, James Benning, Karissa Hahn, Lois Patiño, Malena Szlam, Maya Watanabe, Neil Beloufa, Salome Lamas, Shanna Yates and Sophia Al Maria.

Tuesday, May 14th
8pm - Free

3. Proof
James Benning, Proof (2019), 49 min