Framework (2012)

Site-specific performance @ MOCA

Collaboration: Benjamin Millepied, Mark Bradford


Moving Parts (2012)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Visual Design (printed panels in movable frames): Christopher Wool 

Costumes: Rodarte

Reflections 5.jpg

Reflections (2013)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Music: David Lang

Visual Design (printed backdrop/floor): Barbara Kruger 

MBallades_'2014_20foto-REichenbaum_122 copy.jpg

Murder Ballades (2013)

Choreography: Justin Peck

Music: Bryce Dessner

Visual Design (sewn/distressed/painted backdrop): Sterling Ruby


Hearts and Arrows (2014)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Music: Philip Glass

Visual Concept (trusses, lighting, drops): Liam Gillick

LADP_Versailles_1 copy.jpg

O'de (2015)

Site specific performance to re-open the Water Theatre Grove at Versailles, France

Choreography: Julia Eichten in collaboration with LADP

Music: (various Baroque)

Visual Design (sculpture/fountain): Jean-Michel Othoniel

LADP_OnTheOtherSide_1_Laurent Philippe.jpg

On The Other Side (2016)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Music: Philip Glass

Visual Design (printed backdrop): Mark Bradford

Costumes: Alessandro Sartori


Orpheus Highway (2017)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Music: Steve Reich

Visual Design  (video): Benjamin Millepied


Marfa Dance Episodes (2017)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied (in collaboration with LADP)

Music: David Lang, Caroline Shaw, Steve Reich, Michael Galasso, Charles Ives

Visual Art (pre-existing artwork @ the Chinati Foundation): Donald Judd, Roni Horn, Ilya Kabakov, Richard Long


Homeward (2018)

Choreography: Benjamin Millepied

Music: Bryce Dessner

Visual Design and Costumes (original artwork/video/printed fabrics): James Buckhouse