Solo at Dusk

Choreographer: Bobbi Jene Smith in collaboration with Or Schraiber and the dancers

They said:
There used to be a town

They said:
People used to talk with their bodies. Sounds made you remember.

They said:
Practice to feel.

They said:
The ground was soft, and so were they. Flowers grew over their faces.

Solo At Dusk – a dance for seven individuals in the throes of loss, memory, and rediscovery.

September 10th, 2020

Music & Sound Design by Alex Somers
Cello By Gyða Valtýsdóttir
Additional Mixing By Ben Babbitt

Cover of La Solitude by Barbara by Yonaton Daskal 
Performed by Alma Toaspern
Special thanks to CORPUS 

Costume Design

Masks design & Production
Janie Taylor

40 minutes

Commissioned by L.A. Dance project and made possible by the generous support of the Someland Foundation.

Solo at Dusk